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“Unique gifts and accent pieces – This is a wonderful escape from commercial box stores. Lots of unique home and garden accent pieces. From fountains and plants to cookbooks and oil fragrences. Good people with helpful hints that are based on knowledge and wisdom. Sign up for their newsletter for classes and special events. Nice social agenda. The garden plants I buy here each Mothers Day last longer than those bought anywhere else. They even teach a class on how to turn those into potted plants 5 months later!” – Ron P.
“Gift store and gardening – No better place to buy a gift for yourself or a friend. They have a wide variety of beautiful things in a wide range of prices. I will go back again and again. It’s a great addition to the neighborhood.” – Ann C.
“There is simply nothing not to like about this gift shop in Congress Park! It is where I head whenever I need a gift and it never disappoints. Go!” – Kathryn R.
“Fun neighborhood “pick me up” shop that never fails to pick me up when I pop in to pick me up a card or gift for a friend. Even peeking in the windows is a feel good experience.” – Kris S.
“Great place for succulents and plants for spring time. They also have an eclectic selection of birthday cards and gifts. I noticed this is also a dog friendly shop, so you might be able to pet a cute pooch on a visit here!” – Giselle C.
“I went in this past weekend looking for terrarium plants and accessories. All of the staff was super helpful and my shopping trip was a really fun time. Staff is pleasant, knowledgeable and they offer a beautiful selection of goodies for great prices. I will definitely return.” – Google User
“Beautiful, organic, quirky and eclectic. I love everything about this store! The owner has impeccable taste and it shows in the items he chooses to sell. Definitely check it out” – Laureen S.H.
“One of my favorite places for gifts (myself and others!) – great location, great decor, fun to shop! I have purchased a garden gnome, 2 dog statues, a gargoyle, not to mention lots of unique plants!” – 12tulips
“Such an adorable little shop! It’s actually not a flower shop, but a home decor shop. They do sell lots of succulents, cacti and vases but it’s more focused on quirky little items from candles to wall decor to fragrances.” – Heather A.
“Warning: you will see so many things you want and will have difficult decisions on what to buy and what to leave behind, that you may just go for it and buy everything you picked out and long for even more. So much cool shit all in one place. This place is elegant, a place of beauty. Plants, stones, and jewelry, coloring books, French hand creme in dainty aluminum tubes that smell of citrus. Party games, interesting books, glorious terrariums, classy candles and really great greeting cards plus more.” – Lisa Jo B.
“This is the best gift shop in the Cap Hill area. Quirky books, plants, flowers, CANDLES, yummy smelling bath goods, cards. Kind of like Target (well really not at all like Target…but from a zero impulse control perspective), I’ll run in to grab a quick gift and walk out with a bunch of items and a big dent in my credit card.” – Sarah B.
“If you’re in the neighborhood or close by needing a nice card, this is a solid spot. They have a good selection of quality cards for sympathy, birthday and other occasions. They’re simple on the greetings, but high in the quality.” – Kenny N.
“I love this place too! As well as the guys who own it and the employees. Such a great feeling when you walk in the door. I’ve bought many birthday and holiday gifts here. I’ve also purchased many things for my home. The customer service is off the charts.” – Cindy S.

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